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Re: Re: is aikido really practical

Originally posted by Greg Jennings

If you enjoy mauy thai and it works for you then you should by all means continue studying that art.

That said, a few comments:

o Someone's aikido out there might be passive, but the aikido I study certainly is not. Our philosophy is to always try to dictate. We do this by playing on whatever inclination it is that the other guy demonstrates.

o In mathematics, one studies elementary algebra before one studies the multivariate calculus. This is not arbitrary, there is a good reason for it. In aikido, many schools training method begins with grabs of various kinds. The teacher is generally someone with years of experience and well-developed ideas about how their system of aikido should be taught. Without an equivalent number of years of training in aikido or a related art, why do you automatically assume that they don't know what they're doing? Do you believe that there is a secret rite that aikido teachers go through that robs them of their ability to think?

o No art covers everything. You practice mauy thai, I take it. What does your art teach you to do when someone takes you to the ground and ties you up in cross-body ride? What does it teach you to do when they are attacking you with an oblique attack with a two-foot section of iron pipe? What about when they have a knife and are making repeated thrusts at your midsection?

No slams here. I just want to provoke some thought.

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That was a bit harsh, but i do agree with what you said
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