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is aikido really practical

I am a guy learning thai boxing but really have intrest in aikido , but the thought 'is aikido really practical in a real fight always come to mind' could u guys pls advise
i found out that aikido empahsis on counters graps and hold..rite?
But little is too done to punches and kicks.?
In a reaL fight who will hold ur arm rather than smashing ur nose in?
Further more in arts like karate, speed and power are trained to make students good , other than that they are made faster with experience from sparring.In this way they also get to learn various fighting tactics.Thus improving themselves.
Aikido is without all this, and even if they do have counters for punches and kicks, is it possible to catch a punches like a jab in short distances? it's hard to block even a karate punch , furthermore catch or side step?
especially in spars or fights with other martial artists, do u think think will come close to a aikido practictioner or hold his hand? i am sure they will keep distance and keep aikido then a sitting duck ?
I am sure aikido is very good for discipline and health , but isit good for self defence?
Are all their tactics for show onli?
Are their tactics nice to see but really not practical to perform?
As u seen all masters in demos thrown a person like a ragdoll ..but in this case do u see that it is always the person runnning from a distance or holding his hand?
This i must say is possible as the aikido practictioner has enough time to perform the moves, but what happans if it is a jab from close distance or a array of mutiple attacks?
I have asked a number of aikido guys who i knew from the net ..what they all gave mi is long talk abt the principlas of aikido , they juz turn mi down blankly without asking my question.I found all of them have something in common , even though verse in aikido , when ask a suitation in real life danger , they are unable to answer me .
I hope u guys out there could tell mi abt ur views and if it is a art worth learning for self defence.
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