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Re: Test Grading, Curriculum, & Frustration

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Dear Aikifrustrations,

It sounds like a sensei problem and not an organizational problem to me. We are an Aikido of America (AAA) dojo and have published test requirements for each rank from mudansha to yudansha. A test candidate is required to perform specific techniques at each rank, to include those of previous rankings. A Second Kyu candidate would be expected to know second kyu requirements and those of the lower ranks as well. Variations of each technique are taught by the different sensei and there is often a slightly different flavor from dojo to dojo. The candidate will generally pass his test if he can perform the basic technique called for in the requirements. If he can also do variations, so much the better. I will note that at the higher kyu ranks and dan ranks, variations are the norm and I can't remember a test I've seen that didn't include them, not as a specific requirement, but as a demonstration of skill.

Without seeing your test requirements, it seems as if you should be prepared to perform the basic technique and should show whatever variations your sensei teaches you. If your sensei doesn't have any variations to teach you, the leadership of your organization will probably discuss that with him.

Good luck.
Mr Hackett,

Definitealy all good points. I think the OPs frustration comes from various interpretations of how those techniques are supposed to be done. For example, Toyoda Sensei used to do Kata Kiri Gaeshi by stepping side to side in the first few movements. Various dojo cho emulated This, not realizing the only reason he was going side to side - vice progressig forward - was because the Tenshinkan dojo was much wider than it was deep, and didn't allow for much forward movement. Those kind of miscomunicstions can occur even when you have direct contact with your technical director, let alone when you have sparse contact. It can be quite frustrating being taught one thing is kihon all year long then seeing many people doing something completely different at a seminar or, is forbid, a test!

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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