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Re: Spiritual and i/p

David Orange wrote: View Post
OK. I think that statement very well underlines your lack of understanding, Graham.

I/P is where the physical and spiritual coincide.

But make no mistake: the physical is the foundation of all spirituality in Japanese arts. For one thing, without the physical, there is no spiritual or mental. So we must begin with the body.

In budo, whatever you say about the "spiritual" has to be expressed through the body or other people's bodies. So "spiritual" depends on the physical. Otherwise, you're just an invisible ghost that cannot effect anything in the "real" world.

Budo is a process of developing the mind and spirit through training the body. Without that physical training, the rest is just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

I think your statements there underline our difference of opinion. Does that make mine wrong?

Without spirit the body is dead. Without mind it's usually but a vegetable. So let's not get things backward shall we. They work interdependently. Martial arts start with all three. Those less open to one leaves them with but two.

Budo is more mind and spirit discipline than body I would say. Spiritual does not depend on the physical, ask any yogi.

Spirit rules as it is you. Unifying the three is Aikido.

So once again from my view you have it backwards. There you are, two diverse views.

I demonstrate this fact regularly thank you.

When a person trains the body in movement it gets the body used to it and all the body cell memory. Meanwhile the mind is also getting used to it and meanwhile spirit is feeling and overseeing it.

Once the body is used to all the various movements then when movement is incorrect it's because of the mind or spirit. All corrections then lie with those two. They thus change the body and correct the body not the other way around.

Spirit and mind(unfortunately in some cases) affect all things in your life and in the physical surroundings so hardly anything to do with ghosts. What does your body on it's own affect? Not much at all.