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Smile Getting back on the tatami again

Hi all,

This Friday I'm getting back on the tatami again after 2 years and 7 months off, following a car accident which messed up my lower back.

Sensei and his most senior student talked with me about the practicalities, and I've been assured that I can roll out of all techniques (I cannot take high falls without risking further damage)

Of course I will be taking things slow and steady for a while, re-gaining my confidence, and getting back into training in an Aikido dojo again.

I'm afraid I will not be attending seminars as the risk of being sent flying by a tori who doesn't know my limitations is too high

Just before I had to stop, I was exploring all the subtleties of Aiki, so I'm really not bothered about going hell-for-leather again as that is not where my interests lie - been there got the T shirt etc

Please wish me all the best for Friday, and a big HELLO to everyone who remembers me from Aikido-L and Aikiweb

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