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Re: my sensei "video clip"

i almost promised my self not to bother replying to these posts
but let me say this
i've trained under more then mori sensei
and mori sensei is the best i've ever felt by a long shot
and he has never hurt any of his uke, they never feel any pain.
i've never been injured by it neither has any of his other uke. and you guys think you know aikido?
then you surely must know that you can not judge aikido by how it looks. but by how its felt. you can not possibly judge it unless you've been uke your self and felt his technique. how can you guys judge it just by what you see?

i will never ever judge anyone else's aikido by how it looks unless i've trained with them before.

i always thought joe sensei was hard and would kill me but when i trained with him, he was so was beautifull.

no one can judge anything unless they have trained and experianced it first hand. everybody's aikido is completely different.
my sensei is not bashing anyone up.
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