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Re: 日本語で合気道を語りましょう

Joshua Reyer wrote:

Let us have a pleasant year ahead too!

Although I am fluent with daily/common speech, there are still phrases I don't know.
** いけない=Phrase Connector
A. Oh my god!
C. Has problem/feel bad
D. Use with[ 。。。ては~], Refuse/Don't Want
E. Use with[。。。と~から], Be Prepared/So that
F. I don't drink (Sake)!!!
Which one is your definition?

**決まり言葉, is it you are saying "the daily/common phrases/speech"???

Just reliasized that, I use them every year this time!
(Err...Did not comprehend fully...)

**ちゃんと覚えて=Just reliasized?

Joshua Reyer wrote:
稽古 - keiko, practice
付ける - tsukeru, attach
稽古を付ける - keiko wo tsukeru, to rehearse, to give (someone) lessons, to put (someone) through their paces
頂く - itadaku, receive
~て頂く - (verb)te itadaku, to have (someone) verb, e.g. して頂く, "have someone do".
頂く is a much politer version of もらう, which makes the same construction: してもらう, "have someone do". 頂く is 謙譲語 "humble speech", that places the giver on a higher level than the receiver.

So, 稽古を付けて頂いている means literally, "I'm having someone train (me)," or, in more natural English, "I'm being trained," or even "I'm training". The nuance in the Japanese sentence, though, is that I respect the people training me, in that I put the focus on them, and use the highly polite word 頂く.

Perhaps the most accurate idiomatic English would be, "I'm having the pleasure of being trained..." but it's a little wordy.
OIC, this is a very extensive explanation. Thnx!!!

It seems when 謙譲語 pop-up, it will become somehow awkward to translate the whole phrase. Do we go using plain English, or puff it with elegant, bombastic word just to show how respectful it is???

Btw, Just scrapped my whole archive of various important songs, mangas, animes, movies, shortcut links, pictures,projects, mods and other data accidentally...and lost another hardisc in the process... I say, I am 祸不单行。。。
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