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Re: 日本語で合気道を語りましょう

Hi Joshua Meyer,

Sorry if I write in using English X_X. I am still learning the language. May i just do a translation?

Let's use Nihon-go for Aiki-do Discussion?

To everybody,

For a start, I am Joshua.
Speaking in Japanese, has become my interest.
With interest to speak, its a lifelong joy to use the language.

Actually, my profiency in Japanese, seeded from Aikido learning since 10 years ago
(Gradually, i had improved and fully grasped the language)

It seems interesting.

Its non-English speaking environment, but Japanese
It doesn't feel awkward using Japanese word for the Aikido terms.

If you guys knew the language, let discussed Aikido related things(in Japanese).

Please do me this flavor m(_ _)m

Did I translated wrongly? Please tell me and I will correct it. X_X
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