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Chris Birke
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Re: The GREAT kata debate

I say one day out of five for drills. If you skip that day, you're missing out on a lot of learning.

People who do lots of kata tend to look better.


No nonsense self defense is great and all, but training for self defense and training for combat effectiveness are not the same thing.

Nonetheless, both involve dedicated training and not abandoning your dojo.

Personal safety is impossible, as the more you sacrifice for its sake, the less you have reason to sacrifice for. The balance is very relative, and dependent on many things. For example, if you train BJJ, your odds of getting attacked by a skilled martial artist go way up.
Just like the odds of getting raped go up if a person dates.

However, a woman trained in BJJ is more safe on a date than one who has not trained at all.

Also, do not assume that just because "No nonsense" advocates awareness as a top priority, all other things become equal.
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