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Martin Livingston (Martin L) wrote:
The international relations award has to go to Sean though, for donating a crate of beer to some of the Japanese students after a mix up over the eating arrangements! Hope you weren't trying to nobble them before the competition
LOL I heard about the food.

I heard from a couple of sources that a story was going round that Nariyama Shihan was unhappy big time with the way the Himeji dojo was going (Peter trying to be big teacher and all that). I never had any indication of that from him but just in case I went to him last Sunday. It was all smiles and compliments. He has never asked me to change anything - but if he did it would be done right away.

I do know that only a handful from Honbu is directly involved in the dojo and the only two that were in England were Nariyama and his deshi. I don't think either was the source. I think someone wants to believe/show they know more than they do.

It may seem like a trivial thing to get upset about but the suggestion is completely contrary to what the Himeji group is all about. In effect it is Nariyama's dojo and my role there is his assistant.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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