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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Sean - it involved shote to the throat. When I taught in Quebec I had my tougher he man type students actually take full throat shots. To do that their ukemi had to be really good. No I am not a psychopath but you can really appreciate the power of the technique. In this case the execusion of aigame-ate was pretty standard. The arm was "unbendable", the power came from the hips.

Peter R.
Hey Peter, Sean -

Peter, I was just wondering about that sho tei to the throat thing - do you mean applying sho tei to the adams apple area or to cradle the chin and jaw in one's palm to get more head control while doing the aigamae ate?

The latter is one I do very much of - also modified it into a stranglehold (by sliding the arm) or palm strike for the eager karate members at my North Bay seminars. To me, this version allows for maximum head control to apply the balance break of the technique.

Sho tei to the throat (i.e. Adam's apple area) happens more when I try to apply Shomen Ate in the same way as the above aigamae ate(with sho tei to the chin) and my hand slips a bit south. But is a very nice place to apply a choke though (Not that I would do that in randori

So I was wondering - when you say throat, do you mean base of chin? Or have you just shown me a new way of applying one of my fave techs?

Sean - Congrats on getting your certificate from Japan. Wish I got a belt from there as well like you did . I think it got lost in the mail .

Arigato Gozaimashita


P.S. Jim - Your assumption for number 3 of your initial post is VERY correct

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