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Re: Tips for Training at home?

Tiffany Bowden wrote: View Post
Currently my financial situation does not allow for me to attend Aikido classes.
I was wondering what some exercises I could do to keep me sharp and ready for when I go back?
Anything from actual excersises to basic Aikido movements?
I just need some ideas. What do you do at home to practice?
Dear Tiffany,
Solo exercises [body ]:Torifune, BasicTai Sabaki;Kokyu Ho breathing;Sitting in Seiza.Shikko Ho. General exercise.

Weapons:Shiho Giri/Happo giri./Batto ho/Suiburi/Chiba Sensei 8 count Suburi.Kesagiri. Swordwork.

Jyo:.Solo execises.Kesa uchi.Tsuki.Shomenuchi. Any form of basic kata. Just use your imagination here.A good habit to get into is get used to handiling sword /stick /dagger.
Many years ago in my work I used my dinner hour to do solo exercises as above iinstead of having a pint in my local bar.Just goes to show I got my priorities wrong.Cheers, Joe.

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