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Diana Frese
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Re: Is ude furi chouyaku undo useful for kokyunage?

Hi again, we are still dealing with storm issues. We have power but haven't activated the heating system except for a space heater which isn't in this room!

Still thinking about your question. In trying to adapt what I remember to the yokomen uchi attack, I find that I used to step to the side slightly with my left foot, then if uke was striking yokomen to my forward side of the head, my right foot forward originally, I would step back with that right foot as in the version of ude furi choyaku undo that I remember, allowing the arms to arc down after the upward part acted as a suggestion of atemi to keep uke a bit off balance. Then we could either continue the forward circular movement of uke, or step behind and change his or her direction once the attack lost power on the downswing. This is hard to describe in words, but I am trying to visualize it, because the ude furi choyaku undo does indeed use the principles of keeping the arms relaxed so their weight rather than pulling, leads the uke down and dissipates the power of his or her attack.

The focus on keeping weight or focus in the hips is essential for stability while standing or moving so even just the exercise itself in its simplest form can be excellent for our training, whether or not I was able to properly explain each step! Hopefully your teachers and training partners can help you with the exact steps and turns. But be careful about swinging those arms, you need to heal your shoulder in the interest of your future practice, since you seem very dedicated, which is admirable.

Take care, and I am still hoping Ashley and others will write further posts for you.
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