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Re: Allen Beebe in the Netherlands - The Nether say Nether Tour

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I mean, I know Ueshiba Kisshomaru banned them, but I'd take Shirata over anything the Ueshiba family produced after Osensei.
LOL! Well there is a post in both the "Non-Aikido" section as well as the "Aikido" section . . . and I find that entirely fitting. After all, O-Sensei gave Shirata proof of his learning a "Non-Aikido" martial art when he awarded him Daito Ryu Menkyo. Shirata sensei later recieved Aikido rank after he was asked by O-sensei to look after his son, which Shirata sensei did faithfully until Shirata sensei's passing, according to Ueshiba Kisshomaru. So it is clear that both Ueshiba's recognized Shirata sensei as both a Non-Aikido and Aikido sensei.

But I think Nidai Doshu explains all of this the best:

"Shirata Shihan was one of the best of the founder's Uchideshi, and will be difficult to replace. He was faithful to the founder and me, personally, rather than to the Aikikai. I would like to make it clear that the Aikikai is an organization to spread a fine Way, yet Shirata Shihan devoted himself not to the organization, but to the Way. He was devoted to the founder and to the Way that the founder had established. Because of this he did much for me and for Aikido."

"Shirata maintained a belief which is no longer commonly held by people these days. He believed that aikido was the Way that the founder had given to us. Shirata was different from the present younger members and post-war Shihan. I think it has been very valuable for modern young men to have been directed and encouraged by such a rare person. Shirata devoted himself to aikido until the day of his death. He was a fine person who has been and will always be a good example for aikido students,

~ Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba

~ Allen Beebe
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