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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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Let me rephrase: relating previous or concurrent martial arts training (or lack of it) with surpassing O Sensei has no point as we can say noone reached his level, much less surpassed him.

Of course, if someone has reached or surpassed O Sensei is debatable and opinions may vary, surely for some this has happened and for some this could be seen as heresy.

Like everything, it depends.
But it does have everything to do with sequence of events and the sharing of inspiration. I believe his true omote techniques weren't hidden at all. People just didn't want to give up their previous ideas and absorb something 'new'. Hence, they go back to what they knew.While what was 'hidden' was so simple it was right under their noses.

Depending on what his viewpoint was of what it was he was actually communicating, well some may have surpassed him. My mission: I'm interested in joning him in spirit and training to a common cause. To create a world of familial grace through budo.That is my continuing commitment.

My teachers often comment that he expressed a wish for people to surpass him, but he lamented that no one was even following him. I would think heresy determinations can be saved for religious governments. Not awakened people.

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