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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Gee...(sigh)... Aikido doesn't fit with evolution. Ringing the same bell here, but Aikido is a complete martial art. Adding in other techniques like in the clip that fit well coming off of Aikido is because Aikido is complete. It is not evolution. Just because MMA, (BJJ at it's core, and Judo at BJJ's core) has become a popular sports venue doesn't mean absorbing Aikido technique to MMA evolves Aikido. Why not say it is the other way around and say MMA is in a continued evolution. An evolution from the ground to standing, to be more like Aikido? MMA really is a mix of older fighting styles mostly from Japanese martial arts, and some boxing and street fighting all organized into one venue.

Aikido when added to MMA to work in MMA venue is adding to a repertoire of moves. Aikido was never designed or intended for a MMA venue. Aikido has a different philosophy, and it isn't about sports competition. It isn't about being paid to fight. I find allot of people over look that. If you really study the origins of Aikido and it's philosophy you see that it is an art form that you have to look at the whole package. You can't cleave off a technique here or their and call it Aikido. It doesn't work that way. You can't reduce Aikido that way, or any other art form.

You can take Aikido techniques and add other martial arts too it and you have your own style. Several people have, and created some successful styles of Aikido. Even Aikido was the result of other arts, and influences. But that isn't evolution, it is being creative. Voila, the category of martial art and not sport.

It isn't a matter of evolution, it is a matter of growth in more than one area. That is why I call it a complete art. The challenge of Aikido sticking with Aikido, having the belief in Aikido, the confidence in Aikido, the effort to go the distance to reap the benefits, the awards it offers. Aikido is an art, an expression, a spiritual journey, and a cultural experience. Evolution happens here within Aikido, the opportunity for personal growth.

That doesn't go over with the young eager guys who want to prove they are fighters. The guys who just focus on that one climaitic short moment of victory. For them is what they are all about. But there is more then a quick climatic rush, like in the art of romance for example. With romance, like Aikido, it takes years to appreciate, and embrace, that long slow passionate beautiful dance.

What I said ties in to the thread "What comes after Aikido"

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