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Re: Article by Mike Sigman

Timothy Walters Kleinert wrote: View Post
Mike, I asked my teacher about breathing exercises, because we don't focus on them in my class. His argument was that you don't really need to worry about them. He said if you focused on standing/moving exercises, the breathing stuff will appear naturally along with the manifestation of body connection. (And interestingly enough, a couple days before you wrote this piece, a fellow student of mine described this same phenomenon---the inflating feeling---showing up in his own practice, without doing any special exercises.)
Well, it's kind of like the argument that the "subtle" part of a good tenkan is blending with an opponent. On one level, that's true, but there's a deeper level than that. The idea that you get all the breathing stuff you need in exercise, forms, applications, etc., is true, but it's only true on a coarser level than you can get into with focused breathing exercises.

Actually, if just moving and breathing stuff would do it, that's what I would have recommended in my carefully-thought-out series. The recommendation I gave for the breathing is the closest I could come to showing the more subtle path, in a written description. What you're discussing, BTW, is the heart of the old battle between "Shaolin" and "Internal styles".

O-Sensei and Tohei actually use the more subtle and desirable "soft" and "relaxed" approach. Some of the other approaches being discussed tend to be more of the "Shaolin" approach. But at some time, people have to be able to figure these things out for themselves or at least have the motivation to go find out.

Note, BTW, that O-Sensei and Tohei used separate breathing exercises, too.


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