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Re: beginner w/ dojo issues

Any advice from someone else to attend one dojo over the other is meaningless. It's too personal a decision so another person's preferances are not going to reflect your own.

Take the time to observe classes at both dojos so that you can make a decision based on your own experience and needs. In fact, since they both have beginner sessions you would do well to go through the introduction courses for both dojos. You've obviously given a lot of consideration to your decision to study Aikido and if you intend to continue studying for several years then a couple of extra months spent attending the both beginner's courses shouldn't hold you up to much.

Learn what you can about the community that exists within the dojo and don't be afraid to ask questions. I think that having the opportunity to participate in both dojos before making a decision is such a unique and exciting opportunity that you should try to take advantage of it.

Since I personally attend one of the mentioned dojos I look forward to hearing about your decision.
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