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Re: Jamming a technique

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Hi Loh,
I have trained with many Yoshinkan with good flowing techniques. Joe Thambu shihan's waza is just as mystical as some of our Aikikai shihan. The aikido clinic conducted by Inoue hanshi and Ando shihan in PD Ando shihan emphasized that "bumping" or "jecking" should be avoided in the techniques. But Painer, who is 101% Yoshinkan and -1% aikikai, trains otherwise.
Let's keep to the topic of jamming.

It's Chida, and he is up there ( with shihan Joe Thambu and hanshi Inoue) on another plane. Good for you for your many training inferences, but sadly most of us can only dream......
so now you only jam bigger arrogant nage brutes without other MA experiences who telegragphs their intentions......hmm interesting
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