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Re: Big Mind, Small Technique

Sensei seiser,
I have a question perhaps unrelated but since its all i can think of right now, i'll just ask it right here.
For the past two years, i usually train by myself since nobody in the club trains outside. Lately, i have had people who sometimes appear out of the woodwork to train with me but they are all usually beginners. So i usually end up spending all my time correcting them rather then refining my own techniques. I like to help but when they usually leave before me and i still train after they r gone for a bit. But having just come from one of those sessions, i feel completely drained. Calm but drained. What kind of perspective would you have if u were in this position?? Turning them away is not an option. I do not refuse people who ask to train with me, but it gets to me.
Thank you for your time,
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