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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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Why not? How can the art progress without introspection? Certaiunly those who want to arm themselves with the best possible knowledge will go to any lengths, to include spiritual, introspective, circumspective, and intellectual debate....which is clearly what is going on here. Or are you just seeking validation for your perspectives? Which I might add are not without merit.
I'm not interested in religious experiences from Aikido, otherwise I what look for another methodology for self defense. I'm only interested in martial application and evolving my self defense abilities physically. Again, I was only speaking to those who share the same desire to evolve their Aikido, martial methodology. I'm not looking from validation from people like yourself. I'm looking for those who have a desire to expand, such as Roy Dean has done and countless others. If this web portal is only for those who advocate religion, then maybe I should find another audience.