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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

does aikido need evolving? or is it that us human need evolving? for alien folks, especially martians, please keep your hands or limbs down.

*sarcasm mode on*

I think I need to talk to my iaido sensei on the need of its to evolve. what with all the drawing and cutting air. we need to do some blood letting. oh wait! I did bleed a couple of times while sheathing the blade by sticking it into my hand. it definitely need evolving because I want to see some blood and guts spilling all over. we might even want to add some 9mm into the kata.

And what with the tea ceremony that takes two hours for a cup of tea. just dump the thing into a cup, put some water, shove it into a microwave, zap it for a few minutes and voila hot tea coming up. no fuss no muss.

*sarcasm mode off*