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Re: YouTube: TEDx: Aikido: an alternative education system for humanity?

Toby Kasavan wrote: View Post
"The process that leads to peace in the sense how Ueshiba meant it, "
--what do you think O'Sensei meant? K. Ueshiba was clear that O'Sensei was not a pacifist in the western sense.
The process is spiritual development, not moral education.

Wheather Ueshiba was a pacifist in the sense of western peace movement, is not the question I think.
He changed his training method in a way that his art became an instrument for implementing universal principles and spiritual development, he even "stopped focusing on the physical techniques of aiki", like he sayed by himself.
Talking about peace in a moral sense and underpinning it with a performance of ikkyo or shiho nage doesn't seem to be what Ueshiba meant with takemusu aiki.
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