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Edwin Neal
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Re: Sunadomari Quote - Opinions Please

takemusu aiki... there is nothing (everything) to add or drop... tenkan works, but is not the only form of movement or response... speed??? come on there are fast strikers now and there were fast stikers then... aikido is constantly evolving, unfortunately one of the mechanisms of evolution is forms that are specific to a certain environment(attack), and they sometimes can survive in another environment, but usually not... what you get are specific forms and general forms, both are good, and necessary, neither is better than the other, just different tools for different jobs... i think Ignatius is on the right page here... aiki is about 'finding' what is appropriate to any kind of attack, if you are 'trying' to make tenkan work in any situation then it is bound to not be appropriate for at least some situations!!! that is why there is irimi, and irimi-tenkan, and hantai tenkan, and tenkan tenkan, and irimi irimi etc. etc.... if you get what i mean about body/foot work within different waza... just one of the steps in the dance...

Edwin Neal

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