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Re: Baseline skillset

I'm gonna throw this in because I've not seen anyone else bring this up. If it has been, I missed it and apologize.

Using language that is useful in describing the mechanics of the human system performing behaviors such as running, jumping, throwing something, etc., or affecting an inanimate object such as lifting a barbell, or hitting a heavy bag, catching a ball, etc. is not appropriate for describing a human affecting another human such as boxing, wrestling, dancing, martial arts, etc. (A system of notation for describing ballet movements was developed but was so laborious that it largely is no longer in use because it wasn't really "useful.")

I think the sort of interchange of forces that is being discussed here is extremely complex and although it can be described mechanically in limited ways, it really can only be reached somewhat more by poetic metaphore, etc. Actual physical touch/connection is necessary with someone who has it at some level and someone who is willing to experiment to learn.

It's always amusing to hear taoist and zen folks talk about the "Tao that can be described is not the true Tao" and yet we all continue to talk about it and write about it incessantly. Somehow it's always easier to talk about what it isn't instead of what it is...

Thanks to everyone for sharing your passion for this from whatever direction.

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