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Re: Baseline skillset

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote: View Post
Er, it seems we're still on pretty tame and amicable terms by these standards of the past eh? Very interesting extract, especially the part about more brute strength and less technique. I wonder if that is a poor translation, since if they were training Qi presumably whatever they used would be something else than brute strength. If the results of Qi and Sword training led to the same sensitivity in terms of wielding a sword and responding to the other party, it probably makes zero difference in practice where one starts. But I suspect that the Sword style also presupposed that all their techniques were to be done with jin/qi from the start, and the problem is merely that the beginners aren't very good at it. That seems to be a fairly usual thing in Japan, say in even in Abe sensei's aikido, and similarly is written in Kuroda Tetsuzan's books about his sword and jujutsu training. The "qi" faction equivalent doesn't really exist here it seems, but instead lives on as non-martial practices, such as the breathing or misogi groups that Tohei and Abe sent to to learn what they were missing in some way or other.
The "Qi" faction would be Tohei's "Ki Society". The analogy is pretty close and sort of humorous.

And frankly, these last few months of nosing around the Ki Society approach make me somewhat more appreciative of Tohei's curriculum, to some extent. One of the points I've tried to make repeatedly is that it's not just Technique versus Ki... the added factor is that there are a number of ways to practice/develop Ki, just as there are a number of ways to do even external versions of Aikido technique.

But, lo and behold, the discussion is actually getting back to the famous old debates of "How and When to do the Ki Practice"..... that's so much better than the posts of only 2 years ago where some people were showing their complete ignorance by what they were posting in dismissal of Ki.

Things are moving nicely.


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