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Re: Baseline skillset

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You misread me. When I asked, "But does any of that truly matter?", it was in reference to my opinion, in the immediately preceding lines, regarding the respective engineering concepts of Messrs. Harden, Sigman, and Mead. I wrote that opinion in order to draw a contrast with the theme of the letter: an open heart as a basic Aikido skill. I certainly think that "internal power" does matter, a great deal, and I am sorry if that was not clear from my post.
Ah, I misread. Apologies.

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As for whether or not such power can be derived from the waza, it would appear that we disagree. There are, of course, no guarantees that a student will be able to derive them, or that a teacher will be able to teach them, any more than there are guarantees in any other training model.
I disagree in that if the teaching model isn't there, no amount of waza practice will give you these skills. With the rare exception of the genius who can see what is hidden in plain sight and pick it up.

Now, that doesn't mean I think waza is useless. Don't take it that way. Waza is very important, but we aren't talking about waza in this thread, merely the baseline skills.

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You believe that it takes a martial arts genius to find internal energy in Aiki waza; I believe otherwise, perhaps because it has been explained to me better, as a system.
So, your teacher can do these things that Rob, Mike, and Dan can do?

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It also seems clear that you see any attempt at a mechanical analysis of the nature of internal power to be "useless," and this I just do not understand. If we can't even approach creating a rational model for what is happening, then we are stuck with the kind of direct transmission that tends to ossify into cult belief. Information that cannot be analysed cannot be related to other phenomena, or improved on in a meaningful, systematic manner.
I'll reply to Erick's post about this. But, yes, it is useless and a waste of energy at this point in time.

Rather than waste the time on mechanics and physics, instead invest the time in solo practice. These skills are teachable. If I can learn, hey, that means anyone can learn.

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