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Re: Poor posture seems to be on the rise.

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In the roots of yoseikan teaching in the US, we had the concept that the attacker first locks his mind onto the target, then his ki follows the mind. Then his body attacks the target. We learned to move in the instant between his "locking on" with his ki but before following with his body. Our movement blended with his movement and turned his body sharply, effectively separating his body from his ki, and giving his mind a completely new perspective to figure out before he can re-coordinate his ki with his new physical position, though we would throw him before that could happen. But you first had to give him a perfect target so that he could commit fully and attack with confidence. He can't do that if you're bouncing around.

Think of it this way: if you stand completely still, the attacker must attack you exactly there and nowhere else. But when he attacks, you are somewhere else.
Ok, sure. Different phrasing, but the same thing we do. Never mind.

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