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Re: Dan Harden - Orange County March 1-3rd

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
With consideration for late interest the Dan Harden is up for doing this seminar at Orange County Aiki Kai the first weekend of March. To make it happen you need to register within the next 6 days, by Wednesday, to allow for scheduling. This will be Dan's 4th visit to Orange County. Registration process is below.

Registration process:
Please register directly with Dan Harden and
The seminar will be $180 for the weekend.
Payments are to PayPal
Please note for which seminar you are paying (date and location)
Registration and Payments are required in advance unless you have spoken to Dan directly
This one appears to be a go....if you want to be included please go in and register now. There will be a broad spectrum to folks in for this one...makes for good conversation and cross talk.
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