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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

To be fair, I have never heard Dan say, "OK, I'm gonna learn you some AikiDO!"

I have heard him say, "My AikiDO is crap, I'm just trying to give you guys an example," as he does something that looks and feels like some mighty fine Aikido...

Again, I'm not Dan so I'm not going to put words in his mouth, but PERSONALLY, when you find people who can DO the stuff that many of the Aikido shihan/greats TALK about feeling from OSensei, I find that people start to really pay attention. When I felt Neil, Don, Toby, Ark, Dan, I knew I was feeling something else that I wasn't getting from Aikido teachers, even though I read about it in Aikido books and in stories about the founder. That got my attention.

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