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Re: High kicking

Cady Goldfield wrote:
In my experience, pretty much all fights end up on the ground,
I have heard this phrase so often, but I disagree with it's connotations. If therre were some type of concrete data to prove what percentage of fights ended up on the ground, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see it above 70%. I don't have a problem with the statement as much as what it implies.

What I disagree with is the logic, that {all fights end up on the ground, therefore it is best to train on the ground because that is where you will end up if you find yourself in a fight}

First of all, I do train in grappling and I love it, so this is not a stand up vs. grappling argument. I just think that the logic is flawed in the above statement.

I think a large number of fights go to the ground for the following reasons.

1) most fights start on the feet. Once on person begins to lose this battle, it is instinct to try a different plan, i.e. grab the guy.

2) Most people have little stand up fighting skill, most people are somewhat instintively afraid of getting hit, and grabbing an opponent is a natural reaction to having someone trying to strike you.

3) More people have wrestling/ football experienceup training...which involves grabbing and taking to the ground, than stand up/ fighting training.

Now in my opinion, being a trained martial artist, we shouldn't have to accept "going to the ground" as the likely end to any confrontation. Having said that I believe in being skilled on the ground which is why I train there as well, there's nothing worse that getting taken down, and having all of your years of training flushed down the toilet becuse you have no clue what to do down there. I just don't think any martial artist should accept going to the ground as the inevitable.

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