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Re: Journals and the thoughtful aikidoka

Great points! But I think there's another side to sharing a journal too. I agree people need an insulated space to keep certain biases at bay, but I think there is an important exercise to be found in recognizing those pressures (I certainly feel them just about every time I write anything here) and working through them. Part of the reason I write a blog is because it's uncomfortable for me to put myself out there. I don't like to share my thoughts with people I don't trust (most everyone to some degree)...or more to the point, I don't like those people knowing Matthew Gano said "this" or "that." I'd much rather be a wallflower than an active participant sharing in the process. For people in a similar situation, working through those public/social pressures is a part of why to share. And speaking as a student who is usually very comfortable being told I'm wrong, I'm always hoping someone will call me out on things which might leak through the idealized message I might be trying to convey. I can't get external feedback without first providing something for people to comment on.
I've written in journals of one form or another for about 20 years. I've noticed the same problems you described in them despite the fact that I have never shared them and never intend to share them. The ego can be just as powerful as the superego for shaping how we record our memories. So, like most things, it all depends on what the goals of the writing are...And personally, I really enjoy reading how others organize their thoughts, so I'd like to encourage people to share what they like. I'd like to add that I like the fact that the aikiblog has a private and public option for posts.
Thank you for the great food for thought! I always enjoy your perspective on things.
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