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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Whoa there George.
First off I wasn't' talking to you when I made that comment. Secondly that's not what I meant. That wasn't meant as an attack, I'm just saying that most people are picking on tiny points and not getting at the heart of the matter.
My impression is that it's the other way around, frankly. Or what you see as the heart of the matter, to others, is not.

I have thanked people many times for their comments. Even though hardly any of them agree with me, and many have been made as an attempt to belittle my training methods, and myself. I want to be able to look at my practice from different angles and that's exactly what this has given me. I'm very thankful.
I think that might be because you have a school and are putting yourself out there as an instructor. When they see some of what you are teaching, they have a reaction to it because they feel that it is not something that should be being taught, in a sense. I would personally agree with this. To me, it seems like your experimenting with people under the guise of teaching them a martial art, and to me, that's very dangerous.

You've got to understand much of what you're seeing is many years in the making, not just a flippant idea I had yesterday.
That's the point - to be honest, if that stuff is many years in the making, that "worries me", because I personally find a lot of it unbalanced and unsafe. Apparently I am not the only one. There's no pretty way to say that, although I don't mean to be mean about it. I'm basing that on watching most of your videos, not just a few, which wouldn't necessarily tell the whole story. Videos themselves don't necessarily either, but there seems to be a consistancy to your training and performance of Aikido that seems discernable.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings George, or anyone else's.
I don't think that was the issue at all.

Larry Novick
Head Instructor
ACE Aikido
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