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Re: Jukka O. Lampila - Empty Force

I just roll my eyes whenever I see too much made of the "belief system" oriented stuff. Most anything in martial arts should have a degree of tangible outcomes that can be measured (similar to Kevin's value-based statement above). Each person training should be able to benchmark their progress against some level of objective standard (even if it's a microset, e.g. "To do whole body strength, you have to limit the firing of inappropriate local muscle usage", then train a specific movement over time and have the ability to objectively check whether or not everything is moving together versus still using, say, shoulders to raise the arms), whether it's body skills or ability to apply them on another person via a degree of settings (static, moving, resisting).

The trouble with even the above statement is that self-perpetuating groups will manipulate the above to make it seem like the "objective" criteria are being met --> which leads to the resultant that certain objective standards should be true regardless of whether someone believes the same thing or practices the same stuff that you do.
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