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Re: Jukka O. Lampila - Empty Force

Delusional if the criteria is an expectation of self defense. Yes, I'd agree with that.

Delusional if it opens your heart and makes you a nicer person. Gets you to consider your relation to the world or others? It may not be delusional in that sense as a form of interpersonal meditation.

They are not clear about this really. I think we all can conclude that the guy running this seems to be shifting his assertions around about what EFO will do for you. I hate when that happens, but it does.

While this is an extreme case. I find the same thing in many martial practices. Mainly ones that profess to be something that will use the word "Internal" or "ki" in the title as something that is produced that is intangible. That "cloud" produces an opportunity that ask people to suspend belief, if even slightly about concreteness. It insinuates that some how there is a better way of doing things. It leverages our belief in the duality of things...that somehow there is a "bad" way of doing things and a "good" way of doing things. that "cloud" creates enough of a gray area, that normal, rational people, that would not normally be delusional in any other way, have "hope" that there is something greater than what they know. If they can simply suspend belief...that if they set aside what they intuitively know as true, ignore the naysayers, and any evidence that is contrary to what is being presented...that they can unlock the secrets and "transcend" the ordinary.

Martial arts is leveraged IMO because violence is horrible. It is the worst thing in a supposed sentient, intelligent being that should be able to transcend it. Therefore, we have hope. We have hope that there is something external to us and internal that we can tap into to transcend the ordinary. Martial Arts is RIPE for picking. We can create an such an environment that people will come and suspend critical thought and belief because they have hope for becoming extraordinary personally and as a social group.

I'm all about the transcendent end state. I think how you avoid delusion is keep true to the measures and being clear about achieving them. If you honestly believe it works, then you should not strictly control the "cooperation" framework to such a degree that it becomes delusional. You should open it up until the point that it achieves failure and be willing to state "THIS is the CLIFF". "this is the end of the road where this appears to be helpful. That is how IMO you avoid delusion.

Most people...even if the cliff is there will ignore it. They don't want to go to the edge and admit they won't take that next step. IMO it is because they have fear. Fear that if they recognize that the cliff is there...they can no longer have hope and it scares the hell out of them.

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