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graham christian
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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Well said Niall.
Indeed you did on first posting send me some technical points to consider, I remember them well. All I am given I receive in the spirit from which it is given and yours were given in good spirit.

Different philosophies and different approaches indeed.

I can still smile at the fact that these videos still bring about discussion. Mainly by those who think they know what's happening in them. Thus I can learn much.

As I am the only one who knows what is being done at each moment then they serve to show me who is assuming, who doesn't understand them, who is curious, who can give pertinent communication.

Putting up a video can lead to much learning by the the poster.

In fact the whole question of how can 'softness' be martial is one that those asking the question need to learn the answer to in my opinion. But I digress.

As Aikido as I see it should lead to a more stable, active (yet unreactive) considerate individual then you portray the spirit of Aikido.

Oh, and not to forget a good sense of humour. So when you have reached your highest belt ranking then you can move onto hats.

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