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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Erick - With respect (and I do mean respect), what you write makes no sense to me. I am not writing that it is senseless. It is similar to my poor son, a mechanic, trying, for one-half increasingly frustrated hour, to explain in a way I could understand, what volts and amps really are.
<don't try - please - it makes my head hurt>

All I care about is if the exercises I'm doing make me stronger. Metaphors seem to help me grasp things. Explanations beyond that don't help me at all. Which is why I rarely respond to your posts. Not only do they not help me, I am, personally not interested intellectually in the answers (that applies to a lot of other people's explanations of this stuff as well).

I repeat what I said at the beginning - with respect (and incomprehension and no desire to change that).
Ellis Amdur

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