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Re: Hakama Question

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
...but if an ASU member visits your dojo, do not be surprised when they wear a hakama, since the mandate is so clear and comes from the top.
"Coming from the top" and "mandate" is a matter of perspective in the situation that you describe above.

It could be conceived as arrogant for someone to hop across organizations, enter a dojo, and take the stance the way it was detailed as above.

Again, Im sure you did not mean it to come across that way.

The point, to clarify, would be that if a person is under so much conviction of a given 'mandate' within an organization, then it sounds unlikely they would just wonder into a dojo they are unfamiliar well as not affiliated with. (Emphasis is on the person with that level of 'zeal' as you seemed to described.)

"To Hakama, or not to Hakama...this is the question, etc."
Im sure once I get my green belt (3rd kyu) I will pick me up a hakama and adopt wearing the white belt underneath.

Before visiting a dojo to practice with them, I would probably ask them (if they were hakama wearing, and I did not have one) if that would be fine with them. - I would not just want to be presumptuous and break the harmony of the dojo.
And if I were to keep training there, obviously I would be expected to adopt their ways.

So again, its all with the attitude and mindset when you go into the dojo.
Your the guest, are you there to participate or is it an ego game of sorts? (This is just a comment in general, not pointing at anyone in particular.)



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