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Keith Larman
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Re: dirty uniform

Like most things... Sempai should step up first and point out the issue. I have zero problem with Mary M's approach as it strikes me as a reasonable, sensitive approach. But if that isn't going to happen I have zero problem letting someone know that I don't want to explain lipstick on my gi to my wife later. It just isn't the place for makeup. Or jewelery. Or hygiene problems. Or whatever. This ain't really a dojo issue so much as just a "people gettin' along" issue. Seems like a minor thing to me. Just say something. It's not the place for makeup nor is it the place for 3 inch fingernails. Simple as that.

One kid came back from vacation once with all sorts of beads braided into her hair. Caught one of those in my face. Suggested either a beanie cap or taking out the damned beads next time...

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