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I wouldn't agree with this article too much - it seems to have a biased view point. It's a bit like some of the book shops in Ireland where they put everything except Christianity under 'occult'. I think most people think of religion as an institutionalised set of beliefs, whereas spirituality is more based around the personal feelings towards ethics etc.

As an example, I was at a party recently and they asked if I was a christian, and I said no, I was a Buddhist. They questioned the validity of this, since I didn't go to a temple (not that there is one around here). However much of the philosophy of buddhism guides my actions and life, whereas many people who go to church are not guided by the christian ethics. To me that is the difference between spritiuality and religion. (having been interested in religion and philosophy from a young age and realised that what a lot of religions do is utlise the spiritual feelings you have, to pull you into a rigid belief system, and then expect you to agree with everything dictated by the religious authorities).


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