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Re: Poll: How deficient is your instructor's abilities in teaching aikido to you?

If we conducted the poll "How deficient are your students' abilities in learning aikido from you?" would the results be reversed? As a student I like to take an open mind to every class. If I go to a class with expectations that the instructor does not meet is the instructor deficient? As an instructor, if a whole class is not getting what I'm teaching then I think about what I'm doing wrong. If a single student is not getting it then I think about other ways that might work to get my lesson across. How do you think a student's ability to learn aikido from their instructor affects the result of this poll? How much responsibility should an instructor take for a student's deficiencies? I would certainly not put myself in the class of not at all deficient, but I would like a more positive sounding rating that did not include the word deficient. I feel bad enough on days when my class size is small or new people try a class and decide Aikido is not for them.
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