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Re: Poll: How deficient is your instructor's abilities in teaching aikido to you?

When I first went to Japan I looked around to find a dojo and was rather surprised. Until then, everyone with a Japanese face was an expert - so I thought / assumed. What I saw (after ten years of training) was:

1 Teacher not so good, students bad
2 Teacher not so good, students good
3 Teacher good, students bad
4 Teacher good, students good

All types are out there, even in Japan. I have to say though, in Japan most teachers are above average. In the West, there used to be fewer really good ones around but these days that has changed since more people have done Aikido for longer periods.

(Of course, what is good and what is bad is purely subjective - but I'll add that I have met people in Japan and Korea who have quit their arts on seeing ... ... ... dream destroyed, reality kicks in)

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