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Talking Re: Aikido Principles: Unbendable Arm

Journal of International Life Information Science Vol. 34 (2016) No. 1 International Journal of Information Science and Technology journal p. 7-14

Muscle coordination in "arm not to break"
Koji Takasu 1) , Hiroyuki Miyasaka 2) , Yutaka Tomita 1) , Satoshi Honda 1)

1) Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology 2) Department of Fundamental Science and Engineering 2) Fujita Health University, Fujita Memorial Nanaguri Institute

Release date 20160801

There is a way of using the body called "arm not to break" in Aikido. In this research, to understand the difference between force and spirit, the myoelectric potential was measured when externally applied elbow flexion load. As a result, the myoelectric potential of the triceps brachii muscle that the subject exercises when extending the arms is significantly smaller for "arm not to break" than when using force, and the myoelectric potential at the front of the deltoid muscle is significant . This is presumed to be the reason why subjects self-observe their own psychological state against external forces acting on the arms in the "arm not to break" is a reason for feeling easy.

Andrew Barron
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