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Re: Just how real is violence? And where does Aikido stands in all of this?

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Greetings all,

Unless you do things like walking alone in the Bronx at midnight, get really drunk and start chatting up someone's girlfriend, or stare at somebody on the street (in all of these cases frankly you are messing up and you got it coming),

It may not be OK to attack for the cited reasons, but it does happen. "What the FZZK you lookin' at M***** F*****!!!" One may not DESERVE to be attacked, but that doesn't matter to the territorial wanker who's "hood" includes the patch of sidewalk one happens to be walking on in the attempt to get from point a to point b..

Movie: The Unforgiven
Gene Hackman's character upon being shot by Clint Eastwood's, " I don't deserve this , I was building a house"
Clint Eastwood's reply, "It aint got nothing to do with deserve".
As having lived in the "big bad city" , Brooklyn not the Bronx by the way, there are things that you can do to put you in a bad way in a hurry, or a little situational awareness goes a long way. It has been my experience that trouble finds those ignoring even the most basic situational awareness. But the question also begging to be asked, since I am male and raised to believe in the role of the male as the protector in a relationship is , "am I? "(too much hesitation and indecision have resulted in the questioning of the male traditional roles in this society) or even better, "how long should good men ignore evil?" , until its in your backyard(at which point you are caught off guard and disadvantaged).
So now you have a highly stressful situation(fight or flight ) which you train all your life(some people) to resolve and control because we are not chimpanzees, too which we have added layers of additional doubts about liability, sensibilities, racial identifies, drug use (legal and illegal), people already operating outside the law most of their lives.
I dont think today there is any doubt that violence is real. Do we want to have an unconditioned knee jerk reaction or a conditioned response to it?

A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your effort. That which is on the day of laughter is also now.
Ramana Maharishi
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