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Re: Static Stretching...

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I was not trying to be evasive or snarky. I am simply not aware of any difference between "conventional' muscles and other muscle and I don't divide my body into "those muscles I need in order to sew with" with" versus "those muscles I need in order to do aikido." In order to pivot, extend arms, tenkan, drop center, open hips, walk, roll, fall, etc the entire body (minus whatever parts may be missing or lack sensory or motor connections due to illness or injury) needs to be engaged and available, whether we are relying on muscle A or muscle B to "do" a particular action, so it behooves us to have the body as warmed up and supple as possible.
I don't divide up muscle groups for sewing either... I think you're trying to argue at cross-purposes to me, since I don't disagree with your research. You'll have to pardon me for merely questioning how we can interpret this into our training, since we're all different in our methodology.

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