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Re: Soft vs hard (correct?) kote gaeshi?

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Well both ways take Uke to the ground....

Apart from Uke being able to "counter attack", I understood from the description that

"not being able to break fall" = "not being able to reduce the wrist torsion", hence the possible breaking of it...

The (few) times I practiced kote gaeshi, it was always done the soft form i.e. I could go down to the mat and spin somehow, without any major pain/problems...

Maybe the "hard" form is correct, AND in fact can be ukemi(ed)?
As a beginner, here I am probably asking this question in fact
From my experience i can say that both of them are correct.Whether you use one or the other it depends on the attack and the way you would need to move in the course of a real fight, so both of them should bring the attacker down or injure him if you choose to.As for the ukemi, i can breakfall during both of them without having any problem...
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