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Marc Abrams
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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

The book that Ellis mentioned is a good book with the caveat that research in this area is not that good (compared to other areas). Besides identifying potential abusers, it is equally as important for us to help ourselves live up to the standards that people demand from us when we teach children, teens, and adults. What if this happened to an adult, female student? The boundaries broken are still a problem. Jim accurately pointed out that people, even famous people, are capable of serious errors in judgment. Instead of turning this into a moral saga of good vs. evil, I personally think that it would be more helpful if we can turn this into how we can help teachers and students maintain appropriate boundaries.

To err is human, to not err as a result of fantasies enacted, takes a high degree of personal integrity and vigilance. That takes hard work, a honest assessment of ourselves, and healthy support systems in place.

Marc Abrams
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