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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

I'm certainly against power abuse and I really don't understand the topic well enough but "evil" _seems_ wrong or at least a bit absolute. I really need to read that book that Ellis recommended. (Jun should get some benefit for a bunch of folks buying a book that was recommended on this site.)

For now, all I have to go on is my own very limited experience. For instance, I remember being very attracted to a 15 year old girl when I was 14 myself. Now, I'm not attracted to 15 year old girls and I really have no idea what changed in me for that to be the case. I just guess that whatever "that" is got broken in some people. Is it genetic predisposition, epigentics, and/or current the social value systems in place.

Wasn't this sort of thing considered "normal" in ancient Rome or Greece? In more modern times didn't like 30 year old men marry teenage wifes?

Note there was a lot of things done in the past that at least *I* don't do today or approve of in any way. But were all of these people in the past "evil" or was something (or somethings) just broken.

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