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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

I didn't think it was a stretch to assume anyone who abuses power must have a damaged psyche. It is certainly not my field. But the intention of my message was how can we as aikido teachers detect students who would abuse their superior power before we help give them more power?

I see exmaples of people with more power than compassion all the time in aikido. I have to admit it is one of the MANY factors that drives me to practice harder. (I won't go into specifics in email/posting. But if I see you in person doing something like this all bets are off.)

For examples:

I don't like it when some aikido teacher requires a specific attack and then nails the uke. If you want a fair fight, finish your class, and challenge them in the parking lot where they get to do any attack they want. No one is impressed in any positive way by such abuses of power - and I suspect we've all seen or at least know of such things.

I don't even like it when sempai force kohai to do things that are not necessarily so much better for the training experience - they just want things to be a certain way and there is no one ranked high enough to tell them to go sh*t in their hat.

I don't like it when a sensei uses his position of power to break up a couple - who are their students - to "take" their wife or girlfriend or whatever.

Sometimes a junior asks a senior student to work out, and they get worked beyond their ability to take it. It's going to hapen once and a while for sure, but when it is a constant pattern with that senior - I don't like it. You are supposed to be able to sense how much your junior can take, and bring it right up to that point and not go beyond it and not back down much - so they can work through their body fears.

I suppose that's the main issue here for me. You go to aikido to GROW and being abused just works against that promised experience.

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