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i guess i'm a little confused, Free Spirit...
if you have studied under Tohei Sensei (and how lucky for you to study under someone who was chosen by O Sensei to be his chief instructor), then why would you ask others, most of whom do no personally know him, to comment on him? isn't that the same form of disrespect you are saying he should not show? I have spent varying amounts of time in different dojos having roots in Yoshinkai/Aikikai, Iwama,Nihon Goshin, ASU (with a touch of Shin Budo Kai), and pure ASU---each with its own fondness for and reverence for their shihan and style. Closemindedness, on anyone's part, just reflects poorly on the individual, and to some extent on his sensei---luckily, i do not see too much of it. and by having so many different influences, i definately have learned the value of learning different ways, and that no one way is THE right way, or even O Sensei's way, i think they all are.
finally, before giving up this very nice soap box, when i was in medical school a common point in lectures was "you will only remember 20% of what you are taught here" (next time you see your family doc, ask him how often he uses the knowledge of how many ATPs are released at the end of the Krebs Cycle) if Tohei Sensei really uses 30% of what he was taught, he's ahead of most of us.
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